Honda CB500X Engine Oil Capacity and Best Oil Specifications

Although the title of this manual only mentions the CB500X, in the market, this motorcycle shares a similar 500cc engine used in several 500cc Honda motorcycles. Therefore, the oil capacity guide below is suitable for the list of motorcycles listed below.

  1. CB500F: Positioned as a standard or naked bike, offering a versatile riding experience suitable for everyday commuting or spirited rides.
  2. CB500X: Geared towards adventure touring enthusiasts, equipped with features like a larger fuel tank and longer front suspension travel for enhanced comfort and capability on rough terrain.
  3. CBR500R: Catering to sport bike aficionados, this model boasts sleek styling and agile performance, making it a popular choice for both street and track riding.
  4. CMX500 Rebel: A bobber-style motorcycle designed for riders seeking a distinctive aesthetic coupled with reliable performance.

Powered by a 471cc 180° crank straight-twin engine, all models share the same powerplant and gearbox, with slight variations in specifications to suit their respective purposes.

The Honda 500cc twin engine lineup has garnered positive reviews since its launch, with reviewers praising its versatility, performance, and value for money. The range has enjoyed success in various markets, with specific models like the CBR500R emerging as top sellers in countries like Canada and Australia. Additionally, aftermarket specialists have developed upgrade kits to further enhance the capabilities of these motorcycles, catering to diverse riding preferences and demands.

 Checking the Engine Oil 

  1. If the engine is cold, idle the engine for 3 to 5 minutes
  2. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position and wait for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Place your motorcycle in an upright position on a firm, level surface. 
  4. Check that the oil level is between the upper level and lower level marks on the oil level inspection window.

Recomend Engine Oil Specs

Adding Engine Oil

If the engine oil is below or near the lower level mark, add the recommended engine oil.

  1. Remove the oil fill cap. Add the recommended oil until it reaches the upper level mark.
    ▶Place your motorcycle in an upright position on a firm, level surface when checking the oil level.
    ▶Do not overfill above the upper level mark.
    ▶Make sure no foreign objects enter the oil filler opening.
    ▶Wipe up any spills immediately. 
  2. Securely reinstall the oil fill cap NOTICE Overfilling with oil or operating with insufficient oil can cause damage to your engine. Do not mix different brands and grades of oil. They may affect lubrication and clutch operation. For the recommended oil and oil selection guidelines

Changing Engine Oil & Filter 

Changing the oil and filter requires special tools. We recommend that you have your motorcycle serviced by your dealer. Use a new Honda Genuine oil filter or equivalent specified for your model. NOTICE Using the wrong oil filter can result in serious damage to the engine. 

  1. If the engine is cold, idle the engine for 3 to 5 minutes. 
  2. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position and wait for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Place your motorcycle on a firm, level surface. 
  4. Place a drain pan under the drain bolt.

  5. Remove the oil fill cap, drain bolt, and sealing washer to drain the oil. 
  6. Remove the oil filter with a filter wrench and let the remaining oil drain out. Make sure the prior seal is not stuck to the engine.
    ▶Discard the oil and oil filter at an approved recycling center.

  7. Apply a thin coat of engine oil to the rubber seal of a new oil filter. 
  8. Install the new oil filter and tighten.
    Torque: 19 lbf·ft (26 N·m, 2.7 kgf·m) 
  9. Install a new sealing washer onto the drain bolt. Tighten the drain bolt.
    Torque: 22 lbf·ft (30 N·m, 3.1 kgf·m) 
  10. Fill the crankcase with the recommended oil and install the oil fill cap.
    Required oil:
    When changing oil & engine oil filter: 2.9 US qt (2.7 L)
    When changing oil only: 2.6 US qt (2.5 L) 
  11. Check the oil level.  
  12. Check that there are no oil leaks.


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