VMAX 1200 Manual book PDF

The VMAX first appeared in 1985 as a "street dragster." It started by taking the powerful liquid-cooled 1,198cc V4 engine from the touring Venture Royale and placing it in a more aggressive, drag-oriented chassis. The "street dragster" category itself was practically created by the VMAX, inspired by the popularity of street drag racing (straight-line acceleration races) in the United States. Production of the 1,198cc VMAX continued with minimal changes for many years. The 2009 model finally received a major update, the first in 24 years. Not only did the V4 engine capacity increase to a massive 1,679cc, making it a practically new machine, but it retained the "power" image with its intense acceleration. Since then, the model history concluded with the 2017 model featuring no further changes.

Model yearLIT No. / Manual No.LanguageDownload
2007LIT-11626-20-28 / 4C4-28199-10EnglishPDF
2006LIT-11626-19-27 / 5GK-28199-16EnglishPDF
2005LIT-11626-18-18 / 5GK-28199-15EnglishPDF
2004LIT-11626-17-15 / 5GK-28199-14EnglishPDF
2002LIT-11626-15-11 / 5GK-28199-12EnglishPDF
2001LIT-11626-14-12 / 5GK-28199-11EnglishPDF

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