1975 VOLVO 240 Series (USA) Brochure

Introducing the new Volvo 240 Series, the pride of our lineup, designed for you to enjoy. Available in two and four-door sedans and a station wagon, these models showcase Volvo's dedication to safety, strength, durability, economy, and quality.

A New Level of Comfort and Luxury

The 1975 models emphasize enhancements that make owning a Volvo even more rewarding. Our new reclining bucket seats, developed with medical specialists, provide exceptional orthopedic support. These seats come in various upholsteries: cloth for the 242 and 244 sedans, heavy-duty vinyl for the 245 station wagon, and leather for the GL models. Each offers full adjustment features, including lumbar support, backrest angling, and height adjustments for a customized driving experience.

Spacious and Thoughtfully Designed Interiors

Volvo's spacious interiors comfortably accommodate five adults, ensuring a smooth ride on any road. The dashboard layout positions dials, gauges, switches, and controls for easy access, enhancing safety and reducing fatigue. Our heating system keeps you warm in the winter, while optional air conditioning ensures a cool, comfortable ride in the summer.

Superior Ergonomics and Functionality

Ergonomics play a significant role in Volvo's design philosophy. Sit behind the wheel, adjust your seat, and you'll find everything ideally placed. Safety is a priority, but comfort follows closely. The 12-outlet system provides effective heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, with air drawn from the base of the windshield to avoid exhaust fumes.

Versatile and Practical Station Wagon

The Volvo 245 station wagon offers the same features as our sedans but with added versatility. Its design provides ample cargo space without sacrificing ease of maneuverability. Whether carrying luggage or a large piece of furniture, the 245 makes it effortless. Power-assisted steering ensures easy handling, making it a practical choice for any family.

Advanced Engineering and Performance

Under the hood, the 240 Series boasts a fuel-injected engine with transistorized ignition and a power-assisted disc brake system. The engine compartment is designed for easy maintenance, featuring a fuel delivery system that precisely regulates gas flow for optimal efficiency. The 240 Series also offers two transmission options: an optional automatic and a four-speed manual, catering to various driving preferences.

The GL Models: Enhanced Luxury and Performance

The GL models stand out with their metallic paint, special wheel trim, and nearly hidden steel sunroof. Inside, you'll find leather upholstery, a sports steering wheel, and a tachometer. Equipped with power-assisted steering and overdrive, the GL models offer a quieter, more comfortable ride.

Safety and Durability

Volvo's reputation for safety is well-earned, with features like a breakaway steering column, steel pillars surrounding the passenger compartment, and a body protected by rustproofing primer. The 240 Series also includes a dual-circuit braking system, ensuring reliable performance even if one circuit fails.

Specifications and Features


  • Model B20F with continuous injection fuel delivery
  • 121 cubic inches, 8.7:1 compression ratio

Fuel System

  • 15.8-gallon tank with evaporation control
  • Electric fuel pump, unleaded gasoline compatibility

Cooling System

  • Sealed system with 9¾ quarts of antifreeze coolant
  • Transparent expansion tank

Electrical System

  • 12-volt system with transistorized ignition
  • 55A rated alternator, 60 amp-hour battery


  • Four-speed manual with remote linkage
  • Optional three-speed automatic

Steering System

  • Rack and pinion with power-assist (standard on GL and 245 models)
  • Ratio 17.1:1, 3.5 turns lock to lock


  • Front: MacPherson strut with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers
  • Rear: Rigid axle with control arms, track rod, and stabilizer bar on sedans

Wheels and Tires

  • Steel-belted radial tires on 5.5"J x 14" wheels

Brake System

  • Self-adjusting disc brakes on all wheels
  • Dual hydraulic system with low pedal effort

Interior and Comfort

  • Reclining bucket seats with lumbar support
  • Heated rear window, optional air conditioning
  • Fully-padded dashboard with comprehensive instrumentation

Safety Features

  • Steel cage construction
  • Anti-intrusion door bars
  • Rustproofing and corrosion protection


  • Optional automatic speed control, stereo radios, and tape players

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