Volvo 164 1970 (USA) Brochure

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The 164 is unlike any previous Volvo. It's the largest, most powerful, and most comfortable car yet. Designed for those who desire the solidity and sensibility of a Volvo, but also want a touch of elegance.

Luxurious Seating

No matter the size, weight, or shape of the driver, the 164's top-grain leather upholstery covers the most versatile and comfortable seats ever designed for a car. The seats in the 164 can move 11 inches fore and aft with two levers, with the second lever also raising or lowering the front of the seat to any of three positions. Additionally, the backrest can be adjusted to any angle, including horizontal, and a knob on the backrest adjusts the inside tension from firm to soft.

Sports Car Graphic magazine praised the front seats, saying, "This car was built for people who are not the statistical average, and who want their car to be alterable for their particular body long-or-shortcomings." Road & Track magazine noted that, "The front seats are not only sumptuously contoured but are adjustable in more ways than any we've ever seen. It seems almost superfluous to add that these seats are comfortable!"

Volvo is also considerate of rear seat passengers, who usually have considerable opinions about back seats. The 164 seats three in the back comfortably and two luxuriously, with their own heating outlets, storage pockets, armrests, ashtrays, assist handles, and, most importantly, legroom, which isn't borrowed from the front seat passengers.

Advanced Heating and Ventilation

The Volvo fresh air heating system is thermostatically controlled by three illuminated dashboard discs, which control the temperature and direction of air to the front floor, the rear floor, and the windshield. The rear window is taken care of electrically. The two-speed fan pumps 140 cubic feet of air per minute into the car, while an efficient system draws stale air outside under the rear window, bringing fresh air inside.


The Volvo 164 wasn't built as a performance car, but it just happened that way. Its 3-liter six-cylinder engine, called the B30, is 50 percent larger than those on other Volvos, producing 145 hp. The 164 responds in any gear when needed, whether for quick passing or turning an impressive 0-60 time of 8.7 seconds, as tested by Sports Car Graphic magazine. The B30 is a direct descendant of the engines in the first Volvos sold in America, but it's more refined, with smooth running and quiet operation.

Superior Engineering

The B30 engine features generous bearing surfaces, a long-life valve system, and fully machined combustion chambers. The preheating system supplies the engine with air of a constant temperature for smooth running after a cold start. Dual tamper-proof carburetors, specially designed for Volvo's exclusive exhaust emission control system, further warm the air and gasoline mixture for better combustion.

The B30 engine is paired with the M400 gearbox, Volvo's strongest four-speed, fully synchronized transmission. The smooth, quick-shifting floor lever contributes to the 164's fast response. Additionally, the optional automatic transmission is popular for those who prefer a different driving experience.

Standard and Optional Features

Even the standard equipment on the Volvo 164 includes many features often not available on other cars, even as paid options. The car is treated with an extensive protection of six coats of paint, rust-proofing, a primer coat, a sealer coat, and three color coats. It has a brake system designed for the worst possible abuse, with disc brakes on all wheels for sure-footed stability.

Included features are power assist for the big disc brakes, power steering, electric rear window defrosting, tinted glass, deep pile carpeting, and a large trunk. The 164 also comes with leather-upholstered, fully adjustable seats, a four-speed transmission, factory undercoating, trunk and engine compartment lights, a sealed cooling system with anti-freeze, a heavy-duty alternator, and a trip mileage counter.

Additional standard safety features include adjustable headrests, two-speed windshield wipers and electric washers, backup lights, a locking steering column with key alarm, a safety dashboard and control knobs, padded full-width sun visors, Volvo 3-point safety belts, and dual outside rearview mirrors.

Optional equipment includes a 3-speed automatic transmission, air conditioning, a range of radios and tape players, and roof and ski racks.

Technical Specifications

  • Engine: 3-liter six-cylinder B30 engine
  • Transmission: M400 four-speed, fully synchronized
  • Dimensions: Overall length - 185.6 in, Width - 68.3 in, Height - 56.7 in, Wheelbase - 106.3 in
  • Weight: Curb weight approx. 2937 lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 15.5 gallons
  • Cooling System: Sealed system holding 12.3 quarts of coolant

The Volvo 164 blends power, comfort, and elegance in a way that sets it apart from previous models, making it a standout choice for discerning drivers.


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